Our Faculties

Further Education and Training:

IT Technical Support

National Ceritifcates:

IT End User Computing

IT Systems Support

Short Courses:

Business Fundamentals, Customer Care, People Management and Practical English.

Skills Programmes:

Opeating Systems and Computer Systems
Basic PC and IT concepts

- Learnerships -

GSS Academy is committed to contributing to South Africa’s education and training development through national skills development agenda by focusing on both internal and external talent development initiatives

Requirements for Learnerships:

An agreement must be concluded between the employer, the learner and the provider (i.e. a Learnership Agreement). This is only required at the start of the Learnership program once the company has either provided or chosen their learner(s).

Currently all that is required are Letters of Intent to state that there is interest in the program. There must be an employer (e.g. a college or private provider cannot offer a Learnership) The Learnership Agreements must be registered by the SETA.

If you are interested in this programme then begin with the Letter of Intent. From there we’ll provide you with the forms and begin exploring the possibilities that exist to enrol your workplace into our Learnership. The Learnership is limited in seats, organisations do block reservations.

- Corporate Training -

GSS Academy is focused with passion for helping you to get better and preparing your employee and organization for what’s next and achieving your organisation’s strategic goals by offering our corporate training programmes. Our service offerings go beyond the standard training courses and where required we can provide a holistic solution that will provide explicit benefit to you while uplifting your staff’s skills-set.

The Benefits to Your Organization:

  • Filling up Skills gaps
  • Improve Skills and Knowledge
  • Stronger competitive position in market
  • Successful change management
  • Measurable returns on investment

    Short Courses:
  • Soft skills that focus on behavioural competencies that Improve interpersonal skills; Vocational training; Information, Communication (ICT) and Business Administration

    Measurement Assessments:
  • Measure the current state of your organization with regards to the knowledge and skill gaps of your employees through a variety of our assessment tools to understand the current state of the organization

    On-Site Learning:
  • If you have a team of employees to train at your location, our on-site training and learning is the perfect solution for maximum collaboration and immediate impact.

  • Effective requirements development
  • Improved business literacy
  • Stronger communications
  • Increased employee retention and enthusiasm